Customer top tips to being energy efficient

Members of Home Group's Wonder Women customer group and over 30 customers, shared their top tips to help with the cost of living. Here are their ideas on how you can save on your energy bills and help the environment too.

Gas and electricity tips

“Keep track of your energy use with info from a smart meter.”

“Make sure doors and windows are draft proofed.”

“If using your oven try cooking several items at a time rather than cooking things separately.”

“Don’t leave electrical equipment on standby and turn lights off when you’re not in the room.”

“Air dry your clothes.”

“Keep your home at a constant temperature, ideally 18 to 21 degrees. Below 18 degrees you are more at risk to illness.”

“See what offers your providers have. For example, Octopus Energy offer a free electric blanket.”

“Only boil the amount of water in your kettle that you need – you could put hot water in a flask in the morning so you have hot water ready to make tea or coffee throughout the day.”

“Use lower temperature for your washing. Very few things need a boil wash. 30 degree washes use a shorter cycle, so you don’t use as much electricity or hot water.”

“Make the most of off-peak electricity if you have it.”

“Batch up your washing and just do loads one or two times a week.”


“Get in touch with your water company – they should have tools to help you reduce the amount of water you’re using.”

“Remember having a shower uses less water than having a bath.”

“Don't wash up after every meal. Just wash up once a day.”

“Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth.”

“Save rainwater to water plants.”

We hope these customer tips have given you some ideas for saving energy. And in the words of our Wonder Women customer group “recycle, reuse and upcycle stuff as well where you can.”

[This blog post was first published on the Home Group blog]